Ultra Custom Wireless

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Ultra Lightweight

Down to 58g

Pure Aim Technology

Ultralight. No cords. 1:1 Tracking.

Lag Free Experience

R&D Wireless or Wired Cable


Quick & Easy Customization

No Tool Required.

Simply remove and replace parts.

For Different User Grips

Palm, Claw, and Fingertip Grip

Your mouse.
Your style.

Customize Everything

Core Features

Ultra Lightweight

The honeycomb shell design enables an ultra light weight while maintaining a structurally strong design.

58 g 2.05 oz


Simply select different shell finishes and tool-lessly replace the button and top shell covers in seconds.

Lag Free

1000Hz polling rate, optimized MCU and latest R&D wireless technology make input lag virtually negligible.

Optimized MCU
Latest R&D
USB Input
1 ms

Powerful Battery

Optimized for high performance and low power consumption. Quickly charge to full power in about 1Hr.

Office Mode


Gaming Mode

Powerful Battery
Single Cycle Spectrum
Mouse with RGB Lights Mouse with RGB Lights Mouse with RGB Lights

Custom RGB Lighting

Adjustable RGB lighting to match your battlestation and setup.

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Read Reviews

Awesome Mouse

A perfect amount of RGB, simple design, a cool brand name and a price that rivals other companies. After using it for the first couple rounds of CS:GO, I fell in love. This is a quality product up and down, and if anything ever happens to this one you can bet ill be buying a replacement from you guys.

Zackary B.
Verified User

This is my dream mouse.

Been waiting for a quality wireless lightweight ergo mouse as it would be my dream mouse and it was finally made! This mouse has not disappointed in the slightest. There is nothing negative I can actually think of. This is actually the best mouse I have ever bought.

Myung J.
Verified User

Too good to exist...

I could write an essay about this mouse but I'll try to be brief. I don't know why more wireless ergo mice like this don't exist, but boy am I glad this one does. Pwnage has done some magic with this one. Battery life. Charge time. Customizability. Shape and comfort. PRICE!! How is this mouse real??? Seriously, I'm holding it in my hand and I don't understand. It's not a gimmick -- you really can't fake quality. I'm at a loss for words, in a good way. Let's just say Pwnage has earned a loyal lifelong customer. :DD IM SO HAPPY

Sam B.
Verified User

pink mouse