Stormbreaker Update

We mentioned a few improvements were being implemented to StormBreaker and this is what you can expect starting with our new #Platinum colorway!   Key Updates and Improvements: •Structural redesign of main m1 and m2 button chassis for lighter and more spammable clicks. •Added measurement ticks on the bottom plate around the sensor ring for a more accurate placement of the adjustable sensor. •Mechanical changes to eliminate grinding, squeaking or rubbing and QC check on all units screening pre and post travel clicks. •Refined binning criteria of switches for both actuation and rebound force. •Changed design of the polycarbonate spacers...

StormBreaker Gaming Mouse Official Launch

  Preorders will begin shipping June 20th. StormBreaker is a high-demand product, and we are working hard to meet demand. Due to the complexity for magnesium production and intensive manual hand detailing each unit requires, it takes time to produce in large quantities. StormBreaker will be produced by color in batches and will be fulfilled in the order which was received. Shipping begins June 20th with Mint and Red. Followed by Gray Blue Black, then White and Olive. If your order runs out of the first batch to fulfill, it will be fulfilled when the next batch is produced. The wait...

Pwnage Ambi Mouse Comparison List

The Pwnage Ambi shape is a new unique shape that took over a year to develop. Since it is a new shape, we’ll put together a number of images comparing the PUC Ambi to our other mice as well as other commonly used mice.    

Ultra Custom Wired Ergo Preorders

The Pwnage Ultra Custom Wired Ergo preorder starts now Comes with added weight and balance system. Choose from a solid or honeycomb base. Hot swap different custom colored shells.    Preorder Insructions: This is a preorder. You will be paying full price for the mouse at checkout and your order will not ship out immediately.Preorders will begin shipping out as soon as we receive the mice into our warehouse.We expect to start shipping and fulfilling in early September. If the mice arrive earlier, we will ship them out then. Fulfillment is on a first order first serve basis.  

Happy July 4 News

We want to wish everyone a fun and safe happy July 4th holiday. We will be taking a rest this weekend and support responses may be slower than usual. New inventory will be arriving next week and we will work on catching up with fulfilling back orders. We expect all June orders to be fulfilled by mid July.  We're also excited to announce a new wired version will soon be available for preorders. Please stay tuned for more info.   

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