StormBreaker Gaming Mouse Official Launch


Preorders will begin shipping June 20th.

StormBreaker is a high-demand product, and we are working hard to meet demand. Due to the complexity for magnesium production and intensive manual hand detailing each unit requires, it takes time to produce in large quantities.

StormBreaker will be produced by color in batches and will be fulfilled in the order which was received. Shipping begins June 20th with Mint and Red. Followed by Gray Blue Black, then White and Olive. If your order runs out of the first batch to fulfill, it will be fulfilled when the next batch is produced. The wait time is estimated to be around 2-3 weeks for the next batch.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping to start for any non Preorders placed after June 20th. 

Current estimated schedule:

Mint Preorders Start Shipping June 20th ✔️

Red Preorders Start Shipping June 22nd ✔️

Gray + Blue + Black Preorders * Units being sent to USA warehouse for fulfillment due to recent customs issues - shipping begins July 11th ✔️

White Preorders Estimated to Start Shipping July 19th ✔️

Olive Preorders Estimated to Start Shipping July 26th ✔️

Batch 2 Red & Blue Estimated to Start Shipping July 28th ✔️

Please check back on our website for the latest info.