Pwnage Official Statement Regarding Short Circuit Video

We greatly appreciate the support we have received from the community since the Short Circuit video of our gaming mouse. We want to address some of the controversy of our recent tweet content and how we should have had better designed our product which had clear film on the mouse skates that is way too easy to miss.

We are not proud of how the tweet came out, but after emailing privately and receiving a public reply that the film was off and the mouse is not smooth indeed, our staff was devastated to see misinformation spread by a channel this influential, considering how much hard work they put in with their heart and passion. We apologize for how entitled the tweet sounded without proper context, hope with the following facts provided everyone can forgive us.

• There were reminders for removing the mouse skate film on the reviewer's guide and the software download page. Also, released YouTube reviews have addressed / warned their viewers about this.

• We have already made changes to the color of the protective film for the next production batch of Stormbreakers. The change was made before the SC review. However, the earlier batch was produced already, we can only give out reminders to reviewers and customers. We will continue to take feedback from the community and keep improving our product.

• LMG requested recommended best/special products of 2023 for their VIPs for Linus Tech expo event. Pwnage Stormbreaker was recommended by a 3rd party (not us), chosen, requested and then sent.

• We do not feel we are entitled to a positive review. We were super excited that our Stormbreaker was picked and given to LMG’s most important VIPs, it felt like such an honor. It is not the initial error in the SC video nor not recommending the product that drove our staff mad, but how it was handled afterwards. How we tagged @ Linus in the tweet was not meant to say we are entitled to a positive review because 5 units were given for their VIPs, but we feel probably Linus does not even know about this video at all, and we wanted to correct the misinformation. We appreciate their apology; however, the team is very disheartened by the damage that was already done and ongoing.

We are grateful to everyone who cares and the community for your understanding and support. We will continue to improve and produce the best gaming gear we possibly can.

For those who missed what happened,

Here's the TLDR:

Pwnage sends Shortcircuit two Stormbreaker gaming mice for review.

LMG requests recommended best/special products of 2023 for their VIPs for their LTT expo event.

Pwnage Stormbreaker was recommended by 3rd party (not us), chosen, requested and then sent.

Shortcircuit releases a review with inaccurate information about our mouse skates - the sticker film was not removed before testing, which resulting in "not a smooth mouse".

Pwnage emails privately and letting SC know about the cause of the "not a smooth mouse" and there's reminders for the plastic film removal in the reviewer's guide and software download page.

Shortcircuit pins a reply stating the plastic film was removed and that the glide is still not smooth.

Pwnage gets upset and tweets to them. ShortCircuit checks again and admits the feet still had film on them and the mouse does glide as good as gpro wireless mouse after removing film.

Pining new comment and saying video will be corrected. Linus apologizes on Wan show that he just learned this before the show and sorry about the mistake and they will fix and improve their processes.

Shortcircuit removes small part of the content and edited the pin comment. A part of the video saying "this is not a smooth mouse" was still seen at 8minutes 8 seconds.

We privately emailed again and received their reply stating the inaccurate content has been edited and removed.

Gamers Nexus releases a video that includes a summary of this incident.

Currently the pinned comment from SC states that they apologize for the mistake and the video will remain up.