Magnum Opus

Experience the World's Most Exotic & Cutting Edge Wireless Gaming Mouse.

Passion Never Dies. Break All Limits with the StormBreaker.

Made of Premium Magnesium

  • Ultra Lightweight & High Strength
  • Lowest Density Mouse
  • High Durability
  • Zero Flex
  • High Heat Dissipation

Customizable Sensor Position

  • Maximum Precision
  • Ideal Sensor Position
  • A Mouse that Adjusts to You
  • Ideal Tracking Path
  • Maximized aim speed & accuracy


Standard edition
StormBreaker Gaming Mouse | Black StormBreaker Gaming Mouse | White
Limited edition
StormBreaker Gaming Mouse | Red StormBreaker Gaming Mouse | Olive StormBreaker Gaming Mouse | Mint StormBreaker Gaming Mouse | Blue StormBreaker Gaming Mouse | Gray
StormBreaker Gaming Mouse
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Stormbreaker Gaming Mouse Grip Tape | Black Stormbreaker Gaming Mouse Grip Tape | Gold
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Stormbreaker PTFE Feet Stormbreaker Glass Feet | Glass Red Stormbreaker Glass Feet | Glass Black
Stormbreaker Glass Feet
Glass Red Included Out of Stock Preorder Now 1999
StormBreaker Gaming Mouse

Made of Premium Magnesium

Forged in the heart of a dying star... The Stormbreaker awakens.

Experience the power of the Stormbreaker under your fingertips and Unlock your Full Aim Potential.

Feel Magnesium Under Your Fingertips

High Grade Magnesium

Magnesium is the lightest structural metal. It is 33% lighter than aluminum, 50% lighter than titanium and 75% lighter than steel.

  • Low Density
  • High Strength

Premium and Stronger

Better than plastic.

Ultra Durable.

Feel the difference.

  • More Sturdy
  • Less Material Needed
  • Zero Flexing

Lightweight as a Feeling

Feel the difference. Two mouses with the same weight can feel totally different - one feeling much heavier, slower, dragging, harder to control than the other because of the difference in density. The Stormbreaker's magnesium chassis allows it to be one of the lowest density mouses on the market.

The World's Lightest Wireless Ergo Gaming Mouse

Mouse weight on the gaming mouse market is becoming a vanity metric like DPI resolution levels. The Stormbreaker has been engineered and fine tuned for the lowest density possible based on the volume and shape of the mouse without compromises. It is currently the lightest ergonomic wireless gaming mouse on the market.



Average Lightweight
Mouse Density



Limited Edition Colorways

Customizable Sensor Position for Optimal Aim

TL;DR: Optimal sensor position is unique to each person

Optimal meaning the lowest margin of error when flicking from point A to point B

Instead of adjusting to a mouse, We want our mouse to adjust to you. Optimize and maximize your aim accuracy.

Proven Increased Accuracy and Aim Control

Featuring the latest patented sensor adjustment technology to fine-tune to your specific preferences. From front-to-back sensor positions, offering up to 14% of through-put (speed and accuracy) and reduces path deviation while aiming up to 23%

Optimal Sensor Position is Personal

Hand size and Grip style lead to unique hand movements for each individual. Thus, ideal sensor position for everyone is different.

The most optimal sensor postion allows for the least margin of error for you to perform at your best and increase your gaming skill.

Watch Explainer Video Learn More

Custom Engraving

Unique Limited Edition Custom Engraving throughout the mouse

100% PTFE or Glass Skates

Virgin PTFE Skates with custom rounded edges are optimized for buttery smooth glide and movement control.

Latest & Most Advanced Technology

Sorted Omron Switches

Premium sorted Omron switches. Handpicked, tested before and after assembly for optimal, reliable high performance and super low latency clicks.

20 Million Clicks

PAW 3395 Sensor

Lowest error rate. Latest most advanced PAW 3395 optical sensor for 26,000 DPI.

Adjustable LoD
Less Than 1mm
Maximum DPI

High Efficiency Lag Free Wireless

Architected with Nordic nrf52840 MCU chip allows for next gen lag-free wireless performance, maximum power efficiency, and stability.

Office Battery Life
Gaming Battery Life
Full Recharge

Next Gen Wireless Technology

Maximum Polling Rate

The StormBreaker features 2000Hz polling rate and sets a new standard for gaming responsiveness. 2000Hz is double the standard 1000Hz polling rate of current wireless mice on the market improving response time and tracking.

Away from other ports
for clear signal

High Speed Polling Rate Receiver Pyramid

Close to your mouse
for strong signal

Best in Class Click Latency

One of the fastest wireless mouse on the market

Click latency represents the time lapse between your physical input and time your PC receives the signal. With the StormBreaker's ultra low click latency, this lag is virtually eliminated, enabling your moves to be translated instantly – a game-altering advantage in the highly competitive FPS landscape.

*lower latency means faster

Average Click Latency Razer VIPER Mini SE
0.51ms / 4000Hz Pwnage StormBreaker
0.6ms / 2000Hz Razer Viper Mini/DeathAdder V2 Mini
0.7ms / 4000Hz ASUS ROG Harpe Ace Aim Lab Edition
0.8ms / 1000Hz Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro
1.3ms / 1000Hz Logitech G PRO X Superlight
1.7ms / 1000Hz Razer Orochi V2
2.1ms / 1000Hz ASUS ROG Chakram X
2.2ms / 1000Hz G-Wolves Hati-S Plus ACE
2.3ms / 1000Hz Finalmouse Starlight
2.4ms / 1000Hz Razer Basilisk V3 X Hyperspeed
2.4ms / 1000Hz Logitech G203 Prodigy
2.5ms / 1000Hz

Best in End to End Latency

End to End latency represents the time lapse between your physical input and the corresponding action on screen. With the Stormbreaker's ultra low latency, your click and movements are translated instantly on screen – a game-altering advantage in the highly competitive FPS landscape.


In-depth review on

What is it?

Click latency represents the time lapse between your physical input and the corresponding action on screen.

When it matters?

For gaming, where low latency is crucial for a smooth and responsive experience.

Paracord Type C
1 Year

Physical Specifications

Matte coating

Height: 122 mm

Width: 64 mm

Depth: 42mm

Battery Life

Up to 120 Hrs

Full recharge in 2 Hr

Return Policy
30 day money back guarantee
User Manual, Safety Instructions

In the box

StormBreaker Mouse

Color of your choice



USB Receiver & Pyramid

HighSpeed Polling Rate

USB Type C Cable

Black Paracord