Pwnage Energy Sports Drink is a Game Changer in eSports Hydration

Pwnage Energy Sports Drink is a Game Changer in eSports Hydration

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Orange County,
California, December, 04,  2016 - There is no mistaking the fact that eSports
has become a big scene around the world. The scene even has heavy advertisement
coming at it from brands like Red Bull. While typical sports players have drinks
like Gatorade to help with electrolytes, boosting energy, and giving them a
healthy way to hydrate; eSports has been left out for quite a bit in the line of
performance beverages. A new drink brand called PWNAGE is here to change that.


PWNAGE is the healthy alternative to energy drinks developed by gamers for
gamers. The drink strays away from using artificial colors, sweeteners, or
additives. The Pwnage team strive for great taste in a package that will deliver
a punch during your most heart-pounding competitive moments. The idea came when
the owners had their own undesirable experiences while playing in their own
competitive league matches for the game Counter Strike:


“I remember it like yesterday. It was 2005 and we were rushing back from work to
compete in our first Counter-Strike CAL-M match. Our adrenaline was high but we
were prepared mentally for the match with countless scrims that boosted our
confidence. Having worked a solid 9-5 at our corporate gig, we were a bit tired
so we popped open cans of MTN. Dew thinking that it would help our performance.
Boy were we wrong. Throughout the match my heart was racing and hands unstable
messing up critical AWP shots and easy frags that I normally would be making
with ease” said Wilson Lai, one of the founders of Pwnage.

“I quickly realized how bad it is to drink heavily caffeinated drinks during and
before matches. But everywhere we looked, gamers are being targeted with such
drinks. There were no real good alternatives to these drinks - Until Now…”  

PWNAGE only has 60 calories per serving and 16g carbs, it's packed with 5
vitamins, A, D3, Riboflavin, B6, and B12.  The drink can be purchased in a pack
of twelve 16oz bottles. On top of all of that goodness the PWNAGE site offers
free shipping on all orders.

Pick up your first pack today at:

or through



Company Information

PWNAGE was founded in 2016 and based out of California. The company is currently
striving to make the world of gaming a healthier place to play. You can direct
any questions related to PWNAGE or with the contact info below or by visiting
their website at